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 Eco Friendly Takeaway Containers

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At Made Not To Last we specialise in affordable, eco friendly takeaway containers and drink cups.

Eco friendly takeaway containers range consisting of compostable salad bowls to sustainable plastic free coffee cups, we have them all. Ice cream pots made from plant based materials, takeaway boxes made from recycled unbleached paper and bagasse.

We stock eco friendly takeaway containers from the best brands on the planet, such as Vegware, BioPak, Enviroware, Zume and even our own branded products.

We are dedicated to providing affordable, eco friendly takeaway containers to the worlds best takeaways, coffee shops and restaurants.


Made from leftover sugarcane fibres, our bagasse takeaway containers are sturdy, microwave and freezer safe and will typically compost in 30 – 60 days.


No forests were harmed in the making of our sustainably sourced 100% compostable cutlery.


100% recycled Kraft paper = 100% biodegradable. PE lined to be leak and greaseproof as well as microwave and freezer safe.


Sustainably grown plants are gathered, harvested and inspected to ensure they are of the highest quality.


The pulp is then mixed with water, pressure is added it is then heated in high temperatures to soften and disinfect.


The pulp is then heated, dehydrated and moulded into a variety of food and drink containers.


Once used and enjoyed, all our products will either biodegrade or simply be turned into compost.